November 27, 2019

Love Languages

What is your love language? Do you express or experience love through the love language of receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion) or physical touch? Based on the Gary Chapman book "The Five Love Languages", Katie and Ryan discuss which love languages they relate to and what it all means.

Ivanna Hreshchuk is back with Katie and Ryan – this time to talk about her social media cleanse and how it was signing off the 'gram for a few weeks. The trio also do a deep dive into Reddit's "Instagram Reality" which puts the magnifying glass on posts which seemingly are so edited they distort how the people in the photos actually look in real life.  Ivanna and Ryan's opinions are quite different on this one, with Katie in the middle. 

Katie and Ryan unearth a never-before-heard episode from December 2018 where they discussed their resolutions for the New Year 2019. A whole 10 months later, they look back and see whether they have accomplished their resolutions or not. Their resolutions include everything from weight loss and career goals to learning new skills and having a new perspective on dating. 

October 16, 2019

Social Media while Dating

Today's generation has one more thing to think about while dating: social media. Your two sassiest and classiest podcast hosts around are back! And they're talking about two of their favourite topics – love and social media. Do you expect the person you're dating to make things Instagram official? After a break up, how long do you wait until you delete the photos of you two on social media? Do you stay friends with your exes online? The duo explore it all!  

October 2, 2019

Possessive and Proud

Katie is back from London, U.K. – while Ryan just got back from London, Ontario... with stories to tell! Spoiler alert: the stories include awkward dancing, bringing portable Wifi to a nightclub and flirting through Google translate. In this episode, the dynamic duo discuss being super into someone you're dating and why if they're the right one they should be proud of that. 

September 18, 2019

Millennial Speed Round 2

In round two of millennial speed round, the dynamic duo discuss Generation Y trends and their thoughts on them – everything from man buns and condo-living to tattoos and piercings. 

September 4, 2019

Double Standards

Katie and Ryan look at societal double standards among millennial men and women. The duo analyze everything from thirst trap Instagram posts to the pay gap in Canada.  Plus, the pair talk about whether they would take on their partner's last name one day. 

August 21, 2019

Not Good Enough

The dynamic duo are back together again! In this episode, Katie and Ryan discuss how to move past feeling like you're not good enough. They also discuss the power of therapy and taking care of your mental health. 

Award-winning artist Ivanna Hreshchuk joins Ryan as guest co-host to talk about her latest art and its inspiration. She also discusses how everyone can be an artist, her recent social media cleanse, love advice to Ryan and so much more! Fun fact: Ivanna created our podcast's logo and is a huge fan of the show. 

July 24, 2019

Surviving Single

Katie and Ryan talk about how being single isn't as bad as people make it. The duo discuss how to be happy while single and the benefits to riding solo. Plus, Ryan chats about how going on dates can help you narrow down the type of person you're looking for in a relationship. 

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