Best friends Ryan Durgy and Katie Jones wrap up the 'Is This Adulthood?' podcast with a trip down memory lane in this finale special. The dynamic duo take a look at some of their favourite moments from the series, react to the never-before-heard first podcast recording they did back in 2018, and touch on things they would've done differently. After three years, 68 episodes and more than 10,000 listens from around the world, the hosts finally answer the question 'Is this adulthood?' the only way they know how – with both sass and class.

In a never-before-released episode from 2020, Katie and Ryan take to the internet to answer some burning love and dating questions from Reddit users. The hilarious hosts give their opinion on what to do if your crush says you're not their type or doesn't wish you a happy birthday on Instagram. Yep - covering the hard hitting topics, as usual. LOL.

Ryan's friend Lisa joins for an episode about knowing your self-worth while dating and matching the "texting energy" of your crush. Plus, the duo discuss their ideal double date.

In this episode, Taylor Blixt joins Ryan to share more about the benefits of meditation. Plus, he leads a quick guided meditation to put your mind at ease.

Meditation music: Sunny Palm Beach (ID 902) by Lobo Lobo via

Ryan and Katie react to the latest music video from Lil Nas X, cancel culture, backlash over influencer's ignoring standard pandemic protocols and so much more! Plus, they explain what 'revenge bedtime procrastination' is and why it may be skyrocketing during the pandemic.

Dating and relationship coach Annie The Matchmaker shares tips for dating in 2021 and how to stand out in a sea of online profiles. Annie covers everything from whether opposites really attract and if you should know your partner's phone passcode to her thoughts on if you should sleep with someone on the first date and staying in touch with exes. Plus, she talks about the trend of 'situationships' and how to tackle the topic head on. 

Ryan, Ruby and Taylor reflect on a year of the pandemic and how to be your best self while avoiding going on autopilot in a relationship. Plus, they talk about the positive things that happened to them in the past year. 
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The dynamic duo are back together – with Katie Jones making a very special appearance. They share their thoughts on the Free Britney movement (including the new Framing Britney Spears documentary), what their wedding rules would be, and catch each other up on the latest in reality TV – including Bling Empire. Plus, Ryan talks about why he feels dating apps have gone downhill over the years. 

February 10, 2021

The Sexuality Spectrum

Ryan and Taylor chat about the idea that sexuality is on a spectrum and how the labels society puts on people sometimes prevents them from exploring who they really are.

Taylor moderates a chat focused on love and dating, with Ryan and Ruby listing out the physical and personality traits they look for when seeking out a perfect partner. Plus, they talk about the halo effect and celebrity crushes. 

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