September 4, 2019

Double Standards

Katie and Ryan look at societal double standards among millennial men and women. The duo analyze everything from thirst trap Instagram posts to the pay gap in Canada.  Plus, the pair talk about whether they would take on their partner's last name one day. 

August 21, 2019

Not Good Enough

The dynamic duo are back together again! In this episode, Katie and Ryan discuss how to move past feeling like you're not good enough. They also discuss the power of therapy and taking care of your mental health. 

Award-winning artist Ivanna Hreshchuk joins Ryan as guest co-host to talk about her latest art and its inspiration. She also discusses how everyone can be an artist, her recent social media cleanse, love advice to Ryan and so much more! Fun fact: Ivanna created our podcast's logo and is a huge fan of the show. 

July 24, 2019

Surviving Single

Katie and Ryan talk about how being single isn't as bad as people make it. The duo discuss how to be happy while single and the benefits to riding solo. Plus, Ryan chats about how going on dates can help you narrow down the type of person you're looking for in a relationship. 

July 17, 2019

Ask Katie and Ryan

In this special episode, Katie and Ryan are answering some of the best questions from Ask Reddit – everything from 'How do you differentiate between someone being nice and someone flirting with you?' to 'Your ex is writing an autobiography and a chapter is dedicated to their time with you – what's the chapter's title?'

July 10, 2019

Slow Love

Millennials like to take things a little bit slower when it comes to dating and marriage but is it actually for the better? Katie and Ryan explore why millennials are investing more time in dating before getting married and share their opinions about long engagements.



The dynamic duo, Katie and Ryan, explore more about dating in part two of their Dating Boundaries episode. They discuss whether you should know your partner's passcode and if it's ever okay to check their phone. Plus, the two share some of the biggest red flags when dating and their desire to date someone with an attractive voice. 

Do you ever think dating the same sex would be easier than dating the opposite sex? Katie and Ryan give their opinion on this and a range of dating topics, including talking about couples getting in public arguments and people putting their best foot forward at the start of a relationship and then slacking off. Plus, the duo describe each-other's perfect match. 

Even though an array of dating apps exist and sliding into the DMs counts as making the first move, you may be shocked to find out millennials are less intimate than any other previous generation, ever. Katie and Ryan explore the reasons this may be the case and why our generation just aren't being intimate as often.

June 12, 2019

Dream Wedding

Katie and Ryan are excited to be celebrating their 20th episode by talking about their dream weddings and wedding etiquette. Do you think it's okay to ban cellphone photography from your wedding? Isn't the professional photographer there for that? The pair dive right into it in a way only they can. They also chat about destination weddings and people who turn their pre-wedding parties into a business venture to pay for the main event. 

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